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A good question is often better than a good answer.


September 9&10

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It is easy to trust God when life goes the way we want it to or think it should go. The trouble is,
it doesn’t. In our society, influenced by western philosophy, we tend to wrestle with a good and
powerful God who is in charge of the world and trusting Him through the tough times. This is
something that the early followers of God didn’t struggle with in the same way because of their
understanding of God and their different way of seeing God. As we look at the life of Job, we
will try to see a new way (or perhaps a very old way) of trusting God in the midst of
unimaginable hardship.


September 16&17

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Politically, racially, culturally, religiously, denominationally, ideologically (we could go on and
on) our society seems increasingly more divided. How do we as followers of Jesus engage in
conversation and interact with this polarization of our culture in a way that brings the unity that
God desires?

-1 Peter 2.17

September 23&24

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Social justice is a term that seems to be at the forefront of conversations in today’s day and
age. Even those that would consider themselves to be less-religious that others are highly
interested in promoting social justice in our culture and society. But what is justice and from
biblical perspective, how should we go about seeking justice? What is the kind of justice that
God desires and when should we take a stand for justice?

-Luke 4.14-20; Isaiah 61.1; 58.1-8; Amos 5.21-24