Dear Friends,

Together we are Following Jesus and Fearlessly Making Him Known!

Your participation is making a significant difference in helping people come into a new and growing relationship with Jesus. Thank you for the financial support you have given to all the churches in our network.

The impact and opportunity we have from working together is significant; we get to participate with God in what he is doing in and through us. Your investment makes a difference!

  • Together, we launched Cultivate and Third Coast as part of our network of churches who are intentionally reaching the communities of Hamilton and Saugatuck for Jesus.
  • Each week over 2,800 adults and children worship together at our churches; we are a family that does life together. On any given weekend nearly 10% of our guests haven’t made a decision about Jesus and are searching for answers. What an incredible opportunity!
  • This year we invested in eight Fearless Residents – future church leaders – who are actively pursuing how God will be using them in ministry. As we pour into them they are also helping the ministry move our vision forward.
  • Our staff and volunteers have the privilege to build into over 450 children and 275 students each week helping them have a sense of identity in Jesus, a place to belong in a church family and figure out their purpose in being part of God’s story.
  • Locally over 50% of those that attend are actively involved in local missional activities, whether in 70×7, EC Brooks Prison, Mosaic, Pullman or many other member-led missional groups that are working to introduce Jesus and bring restoration in our local communities. We are helping people across the world in Belize, Honduras, Zambia, Kenya and Rwanda with physical resources that lead to spiritual renewal.
  • This past year our network churches helped over 370 people come into a personal relationship with Jesus, our combined efforts are changing eternity for people – now that is a legacy worth pursuing!

Your continued support is important to sustain and fulfill the vision that God has placed on our hearts. Again, thank you for your partnership and commitment to the ministry.

On Behalf of the Board of Directors,

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Scott Witteveen, Treasurer


On Behalf of the Staff
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Scott Potter, Executive Pastor

Please watch your inbox or mailbox in the coming week for a copy of your 2016 Contribution Statement.  You can also download your statement from the LINK (see below).

Non-cash gifts of stocks, mutual funds or other physical property were acknowledged through separate letter at the time the gift was made. We strive to be good stewards of the gifts you have given to Ridge Point. If you are interested in reviewing a financial summary of the ministries or have a question about your contribution statement, feel free to contact our Business Office or check-out your account at The Link.

How to print your Giving Statement from The Link
  1. Access your profile through THE LINK by logging in. (Need help logging in? Here are some simple step-by-step directions)
  2. Click on your name in the upper right your name
  3. Click PROFILE in the pull-down menu
  4. Click the FINANCIAL tab
  5. Click the Giving Statement link to open or print the reportgiving statement link
  6. Select the appropriate options for the statement


  1. Family- Generates a combined statement for primary contact and spouse and separate statements for any gifts by Children or Other family members
  2. Individual- Generates 1 statement for each person in the family that has given during the date range


Date Range- This will determine which transactions to include in the statement based on the post date set for the transaction


Tax Deductible- Choose which transactions to include based on their tax deductible status: tax deductible, non-deductible, or both

giving statements




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