My name is Holly Arens and I am an elementary art teacher at Zeeland Public Schools.  When school was first canceled until after spring break I was in shock, it happened so quickly with very little time for us to say good bye or prepare students for what was to come.  School has become more than just education for students but provides families with day care and food.  What would families do for daycare and meals during their time off?   What could I do to help?  When Ridgepoint came up with a plan to take care of kids and families, I thought, I am all in.  I was able to sign up to hand out lunches to families who came in and help prepare food deliveries for people in need.   I am so thankful that Ridgepoint has stepped right up to take care of the community!  Instead of feeling helpless, I now have purpose!  It has been a blessing to meet others and serve in the food bank!


If you are interested in serving alongside of Holly and many other awesome volunteers, email or visit to see where you can get plugged in.


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