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Partnering with families to follow Jesus and fearlessly make Him known where they live, work and play.

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Parenting is an adventure full of ups and downs, twists and turns, battles and victories. Whether you’re full of questions about your kids or tired from all their questions and antics, we have a few  resources for you to help you through the parenting journey!

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Our dream in Ridge Kids is to partner with families in raising fearless followers.


  •  Ridge Kids meets during the weekend services. Our preschoolers go to their classrooms at the start of the service. Kindergarten- 4th graders get to experience worship with their families in the service until an invitation from the stage is given. At that time they will head into Ridge Kids, which is a fun and safe environment for all kids.
  • We have volunteers who are trained, equipped and excited to partner with you in raising fearless followers. Your child will get to hear a lesson from the bible that is taught in an interactive and creative way. What we do in Ridge Kids is something we take seriously, these children are the church today and the church for the future.


Our prayer is that your child will be apart of Ridge Kids.


Children’s Ministry Team,

Cathy, Caroline, Ruth


Student ministry story of community and faith

Two weeks ago in Tribe, our 8th graders were given the stage.  They told us about their journey through middle school.  About their friendships, their faith, and advice for the rest of our students.  It is these moments that continue to amaze me.  When we get to look back over the last 4 years and see how God has shaped the lives of our students.  Through struggle and celebration, we heard how student’s families, friends, and leaders have made such a big impact in their lives.  Here are a few questions and answers from one of our 8th grade students:

  •  How have the last four years changed you? “I have learned a lot about the bible and have grown closer to God.  I have also grown in my faith and have learned to bring my problems to God.”
  • What has your life group meant to you? “They have meant a lot to me.  Life group is a place where I feel safe to talk about what is happening in my life.  I also get to grow closer to so many amazing people
  • What has your leader meant to you? “My leaders have meant a lot to me.  When I need to talk to somebody, I always feel like I can talk to them.”
  • What advice would you give to the students here as they move forward in Middle School? “When you are going through a hard time, keep your head up and remember that God is always there to help and guide you.”

 While our 8th graders were sharing, Bryce, one of our high school senior leaders, came up to me and asked if he could encourage our 8th graders as they go into High School.  We brought Bryce on stage and briefly shared some tips how to start high school well and how his relationship with Christ through high school has brought him out even stronger.

Our mission in Student Ministries is to provide a place where students can encounter community and God, grow in their faith and share truth and hope.  I thank God that we are able to walk alongside such amazing students and partner with their parents as they raise up a new generation of fearless followers. 

Derek Laird

Middle School Pastor


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