Young Adults

Community with God, Community with each other.

our dream

To engage, equip, and empower young adults to live out their faith in the places we live, work, and play.

What can I Expect?

There’s a place for you here.

As the Church and followers of Christ we are called to community, which can be very difficult in time of transitioning through school, work, and life. Through young adults we want to be able to provide an genuine community which is focused on Christ. A group of young adults that engages in community with each other and the world around us, that is equipped through God’s word and prayer, and is empowered through testimonies and the realities of the gospel.

In the young adult gatherings we will spend time catching up and hanging out, worshiping, and walking through God’s word. We hope that you join us, and look forward to seeing you there.

Get involved

In the midst of quarantine there are many opportunities to serve and help meet a need within the Fearless Family and our community here in West Michigan. You can find these opportunities here.


What’s coming up

Mark your calenders and join us.

  • No upcoming events are scheduled

Our Guides

Get to know the people involved in Collective.


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