Jesus and Fearlessly Making Him Known

This Weekend’s Teaching: Looking for the Light

In our final week of our study in Philippians, we explore how we can live in the light we’ve found in Jesus.

Getting Ready to Meet In-Person!

We are getting closer to being able to meet together in-person!  This week we asked for all Fearless Followers to provide some input on how we would get back together, if you have not filled out the survey you can do so here.  Over 550 responses have been received which has been so helpful for our Lead Elders as they determine when and how we begin meeting in-person.  Your input was informative and encouraging!


  • 64% of you are ready to return to in-person gatherings at the first opportunity, while about 28% of others thought they may wait to return.
  • 52% noted they would be good with meeting in or out of doors through the summer, but another 28% noted a higher comfort level with meeting outdoors.
  • For weekend gatherings, 78% said absolutely no hand shaking!  53% said they would wear a face mask, if required, while another 18% said they would only attend if face mask where required.  Also, 66% noted that spaced seating and social distancing is important.
  • Less than 15% of families would be comfortable utilizing children’s ministry at the time with about half of parents saying they are unsure and seemed to indicate that would wait for a season.


Your help with giving input is greatly appreciated!  Next weekend we will provide a date for our first gathering together and some details regarding safety precautions.

We Care About You!
Virtual Same-Day Psychiatric Assessments Now Available. The Pine Rest Psychiatric Urgent Care Center is now offering telehealth assessments as an option in addition to walk in service for adults (18+).” More Details About Virtual Service

We’ll Connect You:
Winning At Home NOW OFFFERS JOB COACHING. Coaching can help you discern and to move towards healthy, appropriate work-related behaviors, (including social), when dealing with supervisors, co-workers, or individuals outside the corporation. for more details.

If you need financial assistance with coaching and counseling  contact We can help you.

So Much Has Changed In A Week!
Get information about Creation Ridge!

 Calling All Ridge Kids!

Parents and families, we love you and miss you! We are praying that we can be together soon! If you have ANY questions about coming back together, please reach out. We want to be open and honest with you during this time. We are still asking God for wisdom and trying to figure out the next steps, but we are in this together. We hope as a family you enjoy this bedtime lesson.

Watch this video, it’s a good one!

After watching this video on creation, talk about it with your kids!! Pray together tonight! We encourage you to pray about creation, and thank our God! What are your children most thankful for when they look outside their windows? What people are they most thankful for that God made? Do they have a favorite animal? End the night talking about these things and praying with one another!

Ready For School:
Help your kindergartner become Ready for School! Start School Ready is a Summer Kindergarten Readiness Camp created by Ready for School for incoming Kindergarteners. It focuses on the academic and social-emotional skills that kindergarten teachers want to see in their students.This summer, parents may choose between two options click the link to pick what works best for your family!

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