Each of us has a “typical route” that we drive. Whether it’s to work, to church, to a favorite store or to a family members home, most of us have a favorite road or path to take us there quickly and efficiently. And it’s very likely that the more you’ve driven that route, the less you’ve thought about the people and things you pass along the way. Ironically, the world is full of needs, blessings and people that don’t know Jesus—even your daily driving route!! God wants to partner with us in prayer to bless our cities.

We have created the #Fearless40 Prayer Drive to open your spiritual eyes to the needs and blessings in our city. We have broken it down into the 6 Areas of Influence:

  • Government
  • Education
  • Business
  • Health
  • Homes/Neighborhoods/Family
  • Church

For each category, we’ve written up one or two suggestions of a place you can drive to and pray, including a few suggestions for requests and praises specific to each place! We know that if each Fearless Follower steps up to the challenge, all of Zeeland and Holland can be covered and saturated in prayer.

Be in prayer about possible places the Holy Spirit could lead you to pray during your drive and keep your eyes out for a booklet coming soon in services with more details and instructions!

-Abby Strange
Community Life Resident

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