What did Jesus say about work?

Are we supposed to act one way at our jobs and another way at home or in the church?

Have you ever wondered how to practice your faith in your workplace?

Faith & Leadership @ Work seeks to help us all close this gap. Join us for a couple hours to hear testimonies of lives changed by Christians in the workplace. You’ll also get real, practical advice on how be a Christian leader in modern work environments. Finally, we’ll introduce a system to help us all work together and be more accountable to the love and grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Everyone who attends will have a shot at winning a ticket to the Global Leadership Summit Simulcast  on August 10&11 at a satellite host site here in Holland.

You’ll hear from:

Sara Stepka

will share her powerful testimony of God’s work in her personal and professional life. Sara will also explain the struggle she faces balancing work and personal life, how God’s presence helps her and where she sees Christ daily in all her work.

Robert Waalkes

will give his strong testimony on how God used a coworker to introduce him to Christ. Rob will also explain how we are all ambassadors of Christ, regardless of our profession.

Bob Carlton

will show a model of leadership development in place at Ridge Point Community Church and how that model can be implemented anywhere for developing Christian leaders.

Ben Lichtenwalner

will explain how he found servant leadership and God’s purpose for his life through work. Ben will also walk us through an exercise identifyng our stakeholders and how we invest our time and energy.

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