What’s all the fuss about baptism?

Find out in the Baptism Class Sunday at 11am

I know we talk a lot about baptism at Ridge Point and you may be wondering why it’s so important. Here’s why, we have a couple of regular celebrations that were commanded by Jesus for his followers. In its own way, each one is to remind us of the most basic foundations of our faith.

One is communion, which we are going to celebrate this weekend. It commemorates that we are saved through the sacrificial death of Jesus for the forgiveness of our sins. We are commanded to celebrate this on a regular basis.

Then there is baptism. This, as it were, is the practical application of accepting the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We only need do this once as believers because it is the symbol of our initial commitment to Jesus as our rescuer and leader.

Jesus asks us to make a sharp commitment to follow him. Baptism is meant as a concrete, tangible sign that we have made that commitment (much like the wedding ring is a tangible sign that we have committed to the our spouse). Baptism isn’t a sign that you’ve reached some level of maturity as a believer or that you have gotten your Christian walk all in order. It is a sign that you have made a commitment to follow Jesus.

The New Testament teaches us that baptism is not necessary for salvation, but it is an important act of obedience. If you were baptized as an infant that was an important statement your family made regarding their commitment to your faith journey. Believer Baptism is your personal statement about your faith journey.

Baptism is meant to a public proclamation of your commitment to follow Jesus and to participate in the community of believers that has done likewise. That’s why we make the fuss about baptism.

I hope, if you haven’t been baptized as a believer, you will take advantage of the opportunity on March 18-19 during our regular services (Send us an email if you’re planning on being baptized). We have a class this Sunday, March 5 during the 11am service in Conference Room 3 that is not mandatory, but helpful in answering questions and preparing you for baptism. (Here is the booklet we’ll use during this class.)



Kevin Pike

Senior Pastor

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