Thank you for your thoughtfulness and support through Giving Tree this Christmas Season!

“God’s kingdom is filled with multi-colored humanity. We are all made in the image of God. Every human being has the spark of the Divine inside. Our bodies may look different. Our minds don’t all think the same. Yet, we must love all our neighbors living in this kingdom on Earth.” ~Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Because of Fearless Followers, there are 14 children in Honduras who now will, not only be given an excellent bilingual Christ-centered education (with great materials and uniforms), but also are guaranteed to have two nutritious meals (and snacks) a day. For each one of these beautiful children it is a dream and a chance for a future, here on earth and eternal!

We are also excited for 1 more child in Zambia who is being sponsored by a Fearless Family. She will have the opportunity for a brighter future though our Jubilee Centre Child Sponsorship Program.

Through the Giving Tree, five more volunteers assisted with Mosaic’s Christmas party at the Aquatic Center this past weekend! Several more Fearless Followers are looking forward to assisting at the Mosaic clothing co-op in the near future.

Many of you provided gift cards/certificates to Mosaic families for area restaurants and local activities to provide support and build family strengthening memories

And your gift of PJs, socks, etc will be a blessing to foster and adoptive families1

In Pullman, volunteers who took the time to help with the gathering at the Community Center in Pullman this past Saturday. It was awesome to see the relationship between the families. Only God could orchestrate this.

It is amazing What God allows us to be a part of. For me this is how you put the CHRIST back in Christmas. Thank you to Love Inc, Ridge Point Community Church, Pullman Ministry, Third Coast Church, People Helping People and Cultivate Church.


Pullman Ministries

God is moving in Pullman: A Pullman family, recently homeless, moved into the shell of a trailer – no windows or doors. They were adopted by a Fearless Follower group this year. Luke had walked over to the Community Center to meet his adoptive family. He was blown away by their generosity. Luke’s daughter had been sleeping on a blanket on the floor; the group had donated a twin bed (and other much appreciated necessities). Luke sat down in tears that a family could be so giving. I invited the family to come to Thursday evening church. Luke responded that he did not have a car. Mike told them to call and he would be happy to pick them up.


Pullman Ministries



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