This weekend we talked through God’s promise to know us and care for us. We looked at His word in the Psalms and in John 10 to remind us that God made us and knows us, inside and out. He thinks you are wonderful and knows your name, your needs and your voice!

We also unpacked the statements that Jesus made about himself and us so that we can have a better understanding that Jesus, the Good Shepherd, cares for us by clearing the way for us, laying down His life for us and by placing us in flock to receive warmth and community as we follow Him.

As you hold on to God’s Promise, know that we want to encourage you as you continue hold onto the truth that you are understood, valuable and needed by others in the flock.

Here are a few opportunities to grow in your relationship with Him and ways to experience the goodness of community.

Rooted is a 10-week spiritual formation experience designed to connect you with God, the church and your purpose in unexpected, and life-changing ways. Register Here.  Contact

Fearless Living is a 7-week group study that focuses on what it means for a person to be part of a faith family, grow as a disciple of Jesus and be on mission as we together Follow Jesus and Fearlessly Make Him Known. Register Here. Contact

In Training: Be a part of a Discipleship relationship.

Our desire is for every Fearless Follower be discipled and then disciple others. In these relationships, followers of Jesus help each other follow Jesus well and fearlessly live the life God has designed them to live. For more information email

Shepherding Elders: Are you one of the Modern-day sheep dogs that nudge others to keep their eyes on the Shepherd in all circumstances?

Shepherding Elders are men and women equipped and ready to walk alongside people needing spiritual care. Shepherding Elders partner with individuals to discuss topics and take steps that bring meaningful help into difficult circumstances. Contact

Care and Support: Do you need a listening ear, care or support? We are here for you.

When you receive care from us or our partners, you can expect to be treated like family. We’re committed to walking alongside people who are in short and long-term seasons of need.

Email or call 616.395.4126 x436.

Blessings and Peace,
Kate Bareman
Community Life Pastor
Ridge Point Community Church
Fearless Family of Churches

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