David Mumanga

One of the ways we walk alongside our friends and partner, Jubilee Centre, in Zambia, is through child sponsorship.  Did you know that Fearless Followers sponsor 173 children through Jubilee Centre?

Fearless Followers sent 20 letters and 11 special gifts to their sponsored children this quarter which was the highest number of letters and gifts received so far! The families and children in Zambia were thrilled to receive your gifts and encouragement.

One such family was Sylvester Mutale and his mom.  She could not believe that especially during this time when there was so much happening; people losing their jobs, families struggling to provide for their families, that people could still give, especially to people they have never actually met. 

Sylvester wrote a very touching letter expressing their appreciation to his sponsors.  Sylvester is the young man who did exceptionally well in his examinations last year in grade nine and got the highest grade in the whole school.  “These gifts could not have come at a better time”, Sylvester’s mom said almost in tears.  She has since invested some of the money into her charcoal business.  They are also involved in the saving program at their church. Sylvester is 16 years old and in tenth grade.  He lives with his mom and two siblings.

Your generosity is impacting the Family of David Mumanga too.

David is 9 years old and is in third grade.  He lost his dad early this year.  His dad was a pastor at New Christian Centre and  coordinated the Child Sponsorship Program at the church. David is doing well adjusting to life without his dad.  He lives with his mother.  In this era of corona virus, his mother has decided to turn two of the rooms at the house, which belongs to the late husband’s brother, into chicken runs.  She was found busy painting one of the rooms

Our Mission Partner, Jubilee Centre, is focusing on ways to help families become self-sustaining.  Each family on sponsorship is encouraged to join the savings and lending group at their church.

At one church, all of the 16 guardians of sponsored children started some income generating activity when they started receiving support for their children.  A few months down the line the group decided to also start  a group business raising village chickens.  The group set aside some money and 28 chickens were bought and have since started laying eggs.  The group project is doing well.  They are collecting 15 fertilized eggs per day.  Some of the eggs are put in an incubator for hatching and some eggs are sold.   The group has started saving some money from the project.

The group intends to grow the group business to have 20 laying hens.  When they reach that mark, the project will be able to sustain itself and support the children fully.  The group hopes to continue to support children beyond the five years through their children’s entrance into college/university.

Be encouraged by these stories;  We are making a difference through our prayers, bringing hope and showing we care.

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