Hey Fearless Followers!

In a world where “social distancing” has become the new norm, I want to suggest to you that isolation is not actually good for you. We are social beings who are created by God to be in community in order to become our best selves. While physical distancing is very important right now in order to preserve the health of our communities, if we’re not careful social distancing can have unhealthy effects on our mental, emotional, and spiritual well being. During this season of quarantine, I encourage you to continue to stay and home and stay safe while also staying connected! Find alternative ways to stay socially connected to the people in your life who you need, and whom need you, in order to be healthy and whole. To that end…

We are working hard to make sure that you have the tools and opportunities to stay connected to your church family. In addition to interacting with weekend worship experiences, I encourage you to join a virtual group! You can find our current groups listed on our website. We are also starting four new short-term groups that will follow the study guide that goes along with our new series titled Looking For the Light. If you’re not currently in a group, these are a great way to get connected and stay involved during this time of quarantine.

Looking For The Light Discussion Groups:
You can check out the study guide here. If you are interested in joining a Looking For The Light study group, please reach out to one of the group leaders! They would appreciate an RSVP and they can answer any of your questions.Sundays, 4:00pm




I hope you can find a group that is a fit for you! If there’s anything else, at all, that your church can do for you this week please do let us know. Stay at home, stay safe, but stay connected!!!

Jerry Rawlings

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