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Living the Life God Designed, Becoming More Like Jesus

our dream

Every Fearless Follower would be in an intentional discipling relationship.

What can I Expect?

A Family of Disciples on Mission

Our desire is for every Fearless Follower be discipled and then disciple others. In these relationships, followers of Jesus help each other follow Jesus well and fearlessly live the life God has designed them to live.

These relationships may occur between two or more people who decide to walk together, regardless of where a person is at in their current relationship with Jesus. A TRAINER is Faithful, Available, Intentional, and Relational (FAIR) in their relationship with Jesus and others. Trainers also the initiative to move the discipling relationship forward. A person IN TRAINING is Faithful, Available, Spiritually Open, and Teachable (FAST) in their relationship with Jesus and others.

This is a discipleship initiative and not a program. The tools offered are given only as aids and not requirements.

Steps to getting started?

  1. Pray about who you’ll approach
  2. Arrange coffee or lunch with the person
  3. Share what you’re hoping to do together
  4. Use this conversation guide & information below to get started

How to Start

Being a Discipler (Trainer)
Being a Discipler (Trainer) Means:

  • Be transparent and sharing your life and relationship with Jesus
  • Provide a holistic approach to discipleship: emotional, spiritual, relational and physical health.
  • Offer a listening ear, humble spirit and faithful presence to the person(s) you disciple.
Being a Disciple (Trainee)
Being a Disciple (Trainee) Means:

    • Being spiritually hungry and have a desire to grow in your relationship with Jesus.
    • Willing to learn from another person incorporating a Learn – Do – Coach approach.
    • Transparency is key, be honest with yourself and another person.
Meeting Format, What To Do?

Regardless of the topic you’re discussing, there are a few things you should aim to discuss/do in each of your discipling conversations. Here’s a generic conversation guide to help you out.

What to do when you meet together:

Coaching Debrief (5-10 min)

  • Coach is reviewing and reflecting on what we did since our last discussion.

SP3 Check-in: How are you doing in these areas? (10-20 min)

  • Spiritually? (interacting with Jesus, other Jesus followers, and those who don’t follow)
  • Personally? (Self-care, Relationships, Parenting)
  • Professionally? (Career, Financially)
  • Physically? (Mind, Exercise, Eating)

Conversation Guide: Use any of the guides provided by our church (20-30 min)

  • Learn is (re)discovering information.
  • Do is acting on what we learned.
  • Coach is reviewing what we do together and evaluating how it was done.

SP3 Check-out: How can the things we talk about help you in these areas? (5-10 min)

  • Spiritually? (interacting with Jesus, other Jesus followers, and those who don’t follow)
  • Personally? (Self-care, Relationships, Parenting)
  • Professionally? (Career, Financially)
  • Physically? (Mind, Exercise, Eating)

Prayer (5-10 min)

  • Pray for each other based on your conversation.
  • Pray for your conversations and relationships with those who don’t follow Jesus.

Conversational Do’s

  • Aim to relationally connect with God and each other.
  • Honor each other’s time, having a focused conversation each time you connect.
  • Share your story and personal experiences to model depth and intimacy.
  • Encourage each other toward growth, creating a gracious and kind environment.

Conversational Don’ts

  • Don’t feel guilty if you don’t get through everything. There’s no need to rush.
  • Don’t teach the other person – discover God’s truths and next steps together.
  • Don’t expect to find a good rhythm in your first conversation.
  • Don’t try to change someone: that’s the Holy Spirit’s job. Your job is to love well.

What to Talk About

Whether we realize it or not, our God is active and moving in our lives and in our communities. With the speed of life and length of our to-do lists, it can become difficult to notice God’s work in and through us. A large part of fearlessly following Jesus is understanding what He is doing and wants to do, then responding with faith in Him and obedience to His Word. For centuries Christians have responded to who God is in many ways – singing, praying, repenting, giving, etc.

Download conversation guides here:

What is a Christian?
Bible Reading
Hearing God
Trusting God

From the beginning God saw that it was not good for mankind to be alone. As Fearless Followers, we get to live in community with each other, experiencing the highs and lows of our lives together. When we love, listen, serve, forgive or mourn with each other, we’re relating with one another in the ways we should.

Download conversation guides here:

Being Honest with Each Other

In the Great Commission, Jesus commands us to reach those far from God by teaching them Jesus’ ways and embodying His love and mercy. As you seem to reach those far from God, look for ways to communicate your story of Jesus with the people in your social circles.
When a Fearless Follower lives on mission, we’re called to join Jesus in restoring what’s broken in our world. This lifestyle is a key part of being a Fearless Follower of Jesus. In the Great Commission, Jesus commands us to reach those far from God by teaching them Jesus’ ways and by embodying His heart to restore what’s broken in our city, region and world.
As Jesus poured into the lives of his followers, we are instructed to pour into the lives of each other. Fearless followers work to replicate in others what Jesus is doing in us by pouring out our cups of experience, education and insight. We Jesus works in every Fearless Follower’s life, giving every Fearless Follower the opportunity to share what He’s doing with others.

Training Resources

3 Circles
Check out this video to help you understand and communicate the Three Circles to Your Three.

3-Circles Life Conversation Guide Demonstration from North American Mission Board on Vimeo.

Learn / Do / Coach
Learn is (re)discovering information.

Content: Scripture, 5 R’s and other resources

Do is acting on what we learned.

Where: In the contexts of the places you live, work, play and worship

Coach is reviewing what we did and evaluating how it was done.

Any tool may be used, but here’s a simple coaching tool to use.

Score your experience on a scale of 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent).

Why didn’t you pick a lower number?

What could be done to raise your score one number next time?

What help do you need from me to help you get there?

Who is Your Three (Go—Listen—Invite)?
Our mandate is to Follow Jesus and Fearlessly Make Him Known!  Our challenge to you, determine to build relationships with three people who don’t know Jesus.

Go and seek out people who don’t know Jesus, ask God to make them known to you.

Listen to people and get to know their past experiences and current circumstances.

Invite the, in some way, to be part of your life; you are the hands and feet of Jesus.

  • Invite them to your home, church group or the weekend gathering.
  • In sharing your Jesus story use this resource Life On Mission (



Reading The Bible
The Bible gives us a road map on how to live and explains how and why Jesus is our Lord and Savior!

Read the passage through 2 times. Make general observations about repetition, keywords, etc.

Listen as you read, or perhaps after you’ve read, consider what God is teaching you through this passage. Some people find it helpful to journal or pray during this time.

Do what you’ve learned. Once you’ve read through the passage and determined something God’s asking you to do or stop doing, be courageous enough to act on what you’ve learned.

If you don’t have a regular Bible reading rhythm, check out this plan —

Other Resources
Other discipleship materials to check out:

Articles and Helpful Tips

Get involved

We would love to help you find your best next step toward the love and life-change that Jesus offers.

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