IMG_20170329_144502483As you know, we were able to support two local schools through our Reach & Restore campaign.

This week, Ridge Point Staff were able to stop by Adams Elementary School and help to hand out books that were purchased through our Reach and Restore campaign.  Every student received a book at their specific reading level that they picked out.

Not only that, but Adams has also been able to purchase two apple TV’s for an interactive learning center through Reach and Restore.  These resources will continue to help students in their learning for years to come.

Here are some other ways you are making a difference in the lives at students at Adams and East as a part of the Reach and Restore Campaign:

  1. East K-7 started a school wide reading initiative for the last few months and each month more and more students have reached above and beyond their grade level reading goals.  This last Wednesday, they had over 150 students reach their reading goals for the month!
  2. Reach & Restore not only has provided the means to buy books for students, but it is also buying the incentive prizes for students who reach their reading goal.  Many of the students who are participating in the new reading incentive are the very students who need to be reading more, which means we are helping to provide students with a better education and a greater love of reading.
  3. Reach & Restore is also helping to provide fixes for current playground equipment as well as purchasing new equipment.

Thank you Fearless Followers for stepping up and blessing the staff and students at area schools!

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