Ridge Point has a long-standing partnership with the Jubilee Centre’s in Zambia.

Jubilee has a Child Sponsorship Program, which offers a holistic approach to addressing the needs of vulnerable children in Zambia. Not only does it provide for the child, but it empowers the family with whom the child is living to learn and grow as well. It is here that we see the church working to be the difference makers within the community to bring hope and a chance for children to have a brighter future.

Snip20170418_3Ridge Kids has had the privilege for over 6 years sponsoring a child from Zambia. Her name is Loveness Mwansa, she is 14 years old. We are able to help support her by putting money towards her schooling, clothing, and food. She is currently living with her grandmother;  she loves to play volleyball, her favorite subject in school is math, and she wants to become a doctor when she grows up.

Ridge Kids families have had the opportunity to walk alongside Loveness as well. The January Ridge Kids offering assists Loveless, as do the donations from the RP Family Movie Nights.

We have a team that is going over to Zambia April 20-May 3. The team will also be delivering a care package to Loveness with items for her and also some to share with her friends.

If you go to this link, you and your family are able to send a letter to Loveness – please take the time to do so!


Amber Lewin

Early Childhood Coordinator

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