We’re getting ready for another baptism weekend at Ridge Point!

As always, we will celebrate those planning to get baptized, and we will give space for the Holy Spirit to draw others into saving relationship with Jesus for the first time and/or spontaneously get baptized.

Here is a preview from one of the people getting baptized this weekend!

Up until a few months ago, church for my wife and I was more about exposing our children to faith than it was about becoming Fearless Followers ourselves. We’ve been attending Ridge Point together for 5 years, but found ourselves just going through the motions as believers. One of my favorite songs has always been Courageous by Casting Crowns, but I had never found the courage to follow Jesus fearlessly. I’ve tried to find the courage to wear Ridge Point’s Fearless Follower bracelet on numerous occasions. And I sat through several baptism services feeling God’s calling to be a spontaneous participant, but unable to muster up the courage to act. I’ve spent my life longing for, but avoiding courage; choosing the path of least resistance at every turn. Then my wife and I decided to join a Rooted group. Over the last 3 months, I’ve gone from a Christian for 1 hour on Sundays to, as my childhood favorite band (DC Talk) would put it, a Jesus Freak. I crave prayer and studying the Bible every day. My Fearless Follower bracelet has become a permanent accessory, and I am overjoyed to be baptized this weekend. But for me, the most important courageous decision required was truly accepting Jesus as my Lord and Savior. It’ll take courage to spread, and act in, the truth of Jesus. But having courage will be far easier when acting in obedience, trusting my faith, and allowing the Holy Spirit to work through me.


These kind of God-stories never get old!  I am excited to hear more of them this weekend!

Maybe you are one that is being prompted by the Holy Spirit to be baptized this weekend. I am praying that you will step out and step forward! In fact, let’s all be praying for this weekend as we together Follow Jesus and Fearlessly Make Him Known.


Kevin Pike

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