The holiday season is supposed to be a joyous time of the year as we gather with family, friends and coworkers to celebrate. For many, however, the joy and celebration are absent to due to a divorce, separation, and navigating through this time can be quite the challenge. We all have expectations of how things should be, whether this is from past experiences or those created by our culture. When our expectations are not fulfilled we can experience tremendous frustration and sadness. Moreover, the traditions we have come to expect and the foundation of familiarity they provide my no longer exist thus leaving a void in our lives that is not easily filled.

For some, the experiences of the upcoming holiday season may be for the very first time and with that much uncertainty as to what to do and how to act. For others, the changed circumstances may be more familiar, but not necessarily embraced and overall just tolerated. And even for those whose lives are good, stable and predictable, the holidays can be a stressful time of year.

So how do we move through this season as we encounter the uncertainty of changed circumstances in our lives, or the unpleasant familiar ones we are learning how to cope with? Ridge Point Community Church is pleased to offer “Surviving the Holidays” a two hour event on Sunday November 19th and December 10th beginning at 6:00 pm. “Surviving the Holidays” is a nationally recognized program that gathers the opinion of religious and lay experts on how to best deal with the stress of the holidays when loss has occurred due to a divorce or separation. Attendees will receive a booklet with helpful advice and suggestions on a variety of topics surrounding the holiday season.

The leadership team sponsoring this event knows first-hand the mixed emotions one has during this time of year and want to create an environment where helpful suggestions, community understanding and group support can help to make your holidays the best they can possibly be.

The cost for this event is $15.00 and no child care is offered.

RSVP via email to or

Please RSVP by Monday November 13 for the November 19th event.

Please RSVP by Monday December 4 for the December 10th event

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