Amazing things happen when you serve as family or with people you know. You receive far more than you give. Here is Jennifer’s serving story. What’s yours?

“I have been filled with much gratitude and thankfulness as we have served in supporting others.

When I signed up to make phone calls I was hoping my daughter (19) would help me make them. She not only helped she did the majors of them with such a pure heart! She was so gracious worth the people she called and I was so proud of her for stepping out of her comfort zone to make a difference in people’s lives that day. She even had a gentleman call her back, whom wasn’t on our list but was a neighbor of someone whom we had called, to ask if he could also get some food and supplies being offered. She was very touched by his gratefulness and it really moved her!

My son and I helped on Monday with handing out food bags to people in need. It was so neat to also see him spring into action and run out to grab the bags to pass them onto the family’s.  It was good for him to see firsthand how people need others to lend a hand.

This morning both kiddos helped deliver food boxes for kids food basket to supply kids not in school to be able to get a meal. While pulling up to one of our stops a young boy, probably about 5 or 6, was on his way to pick up a bag of food and his face just lit up and he had the biggest smile and was literally running because he was so excited! Now that made it all worth it right there!:-)” Jennifer D.

If you are interested in serving as a family or helping to meet the needs in our community, we have place for you. Contact us

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