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We meet Saturdays, 6pm and Sundays, 9am and 11am

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following Jesus and fearlessly making him known.



Holy Week

Come, celebrate with us on Good Friday and Easter as we journey through the last week of Jesus’ life, His Death, and Victorious Resurrection.

Good Friday Service: 6:30pm

Easter Services: Sat 6pm | Sun 9a or 11a


40 Day Fearless Challenge

As we approach Easter join us in a Forty Day journey of leaning into a Fearless life with the Spirit. As a family of churches we are asking the Spirit for the strength to say “no” to 1 THING (a “fleshly” desire), committing to reading 1 WORD (the Gospel of Mark) and praying for/pursuing 1 PERSON who doesn’t know Jesus and inviting them to Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. Click Here to Read Along


Marriage Workshop | April 27, 9am-2pm

Whether you have been married for years or are engaged, this experience is for you. Cost: $25. Childcare provided. Contact Whitney for more information: WhitneyH@FearlessFollower.org


Parent Talks | April 28, 11am

As parents we know that our children are highly exposed to screens and increasingly using different types of electronic media, often simultaneously. What can we do? Email, Families@fearlessfollower.org to register.

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