Groups are where we give and receive help to follow Jesus as a Family of Disciples on Mission.


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Equipping people to live as a Family of Disciples on Mission.

What can I Expect?

Life change happens best in the context of community.

As Fearless Followers, we desire to live differently—we call it “fearlessly”. To do that, we need to work together, encouraging each other and supporting each other.

This is where Groups become tremendously helpful. Groups typically consist of 6-12 people who meet regularly to do life together.

If you’re looking for a circle of friends, an opportunity to grow spiritually and to intentionally engage your social circles, see below how you can get involved in Groups.

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We want every single person to take the leap in his or her next step in faith.

Bible studies and Life Groups are meeting both and in-person with appropriate health measures! There is so much we get to learn together as we grow together.  Contact us with any questions about participating in group life post Covid-19. Check out the helpful resources below.
Hosting and Gathering Resources for Groups

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There are a few ways to get involved in a Group. The primary way to join a new Groups is through Rooted.

If you’ve been through Rooted, we can connect you to Groups in a couple of different ways. You may join an ongoing Life Group, a brand new Life Group, a Series Study Group or a Term Group. Whatever your interest is, please register below and we will get you started on your journey into community.

Lead a Group
Are you leading or interested in leading a group? We would like to equip you to become a more effective leader and an encouragement for your group. These Leader Resources will help you build up your group to live as a Family of Disciples on Mission with Jesus to reach and restore God’s world.
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What’s coming up

Mark your calenders and join us.

Parkinson's Support Group

Have you or someone you know been living with Parkinson’s? You are not alone! The Parkinson‘s Support Group is here to offer encouragement and support to you and your family. Join us every first of the month at Ridge Point. We meet in Room 159. For more information, please contact Linda Zoerhof at


Men's Bible Study Group

Are you looking to dig deeper into the word of God together with fellow men on the journey of following Jesus and Fearlessly making him known? The men’s Bible study meets every Thursday morning 6:00a-7:00a. Join for an enriching time of prayer and study. Contact for more information.


Women's Bible Study Group

Women‘s Bible StudyStudying the Word of God is one of the ways to get nourished for the journey of faith. Join the women‘s Bible study for a time of fellowship and learning from the Word of God how to live faithfully and victoriously. We are studying the book of James. Join us every Tuesday evening from 6:30p-8:00p. Contact for more information.


Evidence Based Apologetics 1

We will examine the numerous lines of evidence which support the Bible’s truthfulness including from archaeology, fulfilled prophecies, miracles, et al. We will see that Christianity isn’t a blind leap but a reasoned and reasonable walk of faith. Class meets in-person every Sunday morning , 10:30-noon. Contact Bob Hazen at for more information.


Evidence Based Apologetics 3

This is a course for non-scientists, by an informed non-scientist. We will examine the relationship between the Bible and science, and further examine both the Biblical and scientific basis for the creationist and evolutionary views of the universe, the earth, and all of life. Class meets on Zoom every Tuesday night, 6:30-8:00pm. Contact Bob Hazen at for more information.

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