Groups are where we give and receive help to follow Jesus as a Family of Disciples on Mission.

our dream

Equipping people to live as a Family of Disciples on Mission.

What can I Expect?

Our Life Groups typically consist of 5-15 people who meet regularly, in the community.

Life change happens best in the context of community. As Fearless Followers, we desire to live differently—we call it “fearlessly”. To do that, we need to work together, encouraging each other and supporting each other. This is where Life Groups become tremendously helpful. 

If you’re looking for a circle of friends, an opportunity to grow spiritually and to intentionally engage your social circles, check out our Life Groups.

Get involved

Here are some ways to take some next steps.

There are a few ways to get involved in a Life Group. The primary way we form Life Groups is through Rooted. If you’ve been through Rooted, we can connect you to Life Groups in a couple of different ways. You can contact our office to see what groups are available or you can check out our Term Groups where Life Groups can be formed based on shared experiences or stages of life. 

If you’re interested in forming a Life Group with people you know and need a little help, reach out. We’d love to help figure that out.

What’s coming up

Mark your calenders and join us.


Women's Bible Study - Matthew | Tuesday's 6:30pm

A study in the gospel of Matthew led by Bonni Melton. Free! Just bring your bible! Contact:


Women's Bible Study - Job | Wednesday's 9am

“A Story of Unlikely Joy” by Lisa Harper. A seven week bible study in the book of Job led by Shelly Marsh and Bev Vallance. Contact:


Women's Book Study | Thursday's 6:00pm

“When the Enemy Strikes” by Charles Stanley. Learn to discern Satan’s tricks and how to use God’s Word to defeat him. Led by Lynn Barkel. Contact:


Men's Bible Study | Thursday's 6:00am

A weekly Bible study led by Tom Meiste to connect better with God’s word and with other Ridge Point men. 


Men's Breakfast | Saturday's 7:30am

Meeting the 3rd Saturday of the month for breakfast and fellowship. Ridge Point lower level.

Our Guides

Get to know the people involved in Life Groups.

Jerry Rawlings

Life Groups Coordinator