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following Jesus and fearlessly making him known.



40 Day Fearless Challenge

As we approach Easter join us in a Forty Day journey of leaning into a Fearless life with the Spirit. As a family of churches we are asking the Spirit for the strength to say “no” to 1 THING (a “fleshly” desire), committing to reading 1 WORD (the Gospel of Mark) and praying for/pursuing 1 PERSON who doesn’t know Jesus and inviting them to Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. Click Here to Read Along

Raised To Life Baptism Class | March 24, 11am

Thinking about getting baptized? Come learn about this important step in the life of any Fearless Follower.



Francesca Battistelli | March 24, 7pm

Tickets on Sale Now for Francesca Battistelli Own It Tour. She will be at Ridge Point Community Church on March 24th.

If Relive | April 13, 9am - 2pm

Gather, equip, and unleash women to live out God’s calling on their lives. Register at ridgepointff.org/relive

Rooted | April 16, 6pm

Whether you’ve been a Christian for years or are new to faith in Christ, Rooted could potentially be the most beneficial thing you do this year. ridgepointff.org/rooted

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